Sunday, January 22, 2012


After a short 2 day work week, Spain gave us yet another puente in early December! This time, I headed to Granada in the south of Spain. Granada is known for its Moorish influences, the Alhambra, its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains, and its plethora of free tapas bars. We had a good time, but for some reason I kind of expected more from the city. (Note: this is probably due to the fact that it couldn't compare to our epic Sevilla trip, and that it was colder than I anticipated.) I was still a bit tired and out of it, so I think that kept me from enjoying it to the fullest. But don´t get me wrong, Granada does have a lot to offer and I´d still love to go back someday... maybe next time in the summer. Here are some highlights from the weekend.

Granada is filled with cute little streets lined with Moroccan shops. These shops include trinkets such as loose-leaf tea and tea sets, hookahs, jewelry, tapestries, lamps, and a ton of other home decor. I wanted to buy everything, seriously! I have always loved Moroccan influenced decor. I surprisingly practiced self control and didn't go crazy at the shops. I left with only a few bags of tea, some postcards, and an adorable gold key hook. If you're in Granada, I recommend checking out the Alcaiceria shops near the Cathedral as well as those near Calle Elvira.

Free tapas
One of Granada's main appeals is that there are still plenty of bars offering free tapas! On our first night in Granada, we were slightly confused as to where to get said free tapas, but by day 2 we were pros. Calle Elvira is full of bars offering free tapas. We just walked in, ordered a caƱa, and received a big ham sandwich and fries with our beers, all for only 2 or 2.50 euros! I'm not going to lie, I thought I was going to turn into a ham sandwich. I may or may not have eaten 4 ham sandwiches in one day alone! I'd recommend getting tapas at La Bella y La Bestia near c/ Elvira... huge portions, and pretty tasty (not recommended for anyone watching their weight- very generous on the alioli).

Tea time
One of my absolute favorite parts of Granada are the cute little cafes serving tea and hookah. Mmmm, Pakistani tea, so delish!

The Alhambra
The Alhambra was hands down my favorite part of our trip, and it deserves its own post. I can´t stop going back through my pictures from our visit!

We had a subpar kebab on Thursday night, but we were already craving it again by Saturday. After watching the Madrid-Barca game in an Irish pub, we headed to the Kebab King restaurant around the corner. Little did I know this would be the best kebab I have ever eaten. Sometimes the sketchiest looking places turn out to be the best ones. I'm embarrassed to admit that we returned to another Kebab King for a 4 am kebab later that night... worth it!


Albayzin is a gorgeous Moorish neighborhood situated on a hill above central Granada featuring white-washed buildings, winding roads, and plenty of cute shops and plazas. My favorite part: the Mirador de San Nicolas. This spot has the most amazing view of the Alhambra and surrounding scenery. We were kind of hungry and had to pee, so we didn't get to spend as much time here as we would have liked. Next time I'll be sure to pack a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch.

The walk to Alabyzin

The gypsy caves in barrio Sacramonte... we weren't too impressed, but it was a nice walk with some great views.

Stopped to watch a random band jamming in a plaza.

Exploring the streets of Granada with Christina

We found this awesome hidden garden... perfect for a photo sesh!

Fall foliage.

Our weekend in Granada was fun yet relaxing, and I enjoyed seeing a new side of Spain! Granada is perfect for a weekend trip. It wasn't until I started writing about my trip that I realized just how many great things are packed into that little city. I wasn't even able to condense the entire weekend into one post! Stay tuned for another post about the highlight of my trip: the Alhambra.



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