Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey y'all! Happy Valentines Day, (or el dia de San Valentin in Spanish), Single's Awareness Day, whatever you wanna call it. I can't say that I really care too much about Valentine's Day. I'm not any more concerned about my love life, or lack thereof, today than I would be on any other day of the year. But hey, I like sweets and hearts and love and all that jazz, so I decided to celebrate this year (and no, not Chico State style).

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I decided to make these cute little conversation heart sugar cookies to share with the teachers at my school. Of course my little breadbox of a kitchen isn't very well equipped for baking, so I was forced to improvise... aka I used a jar of garbanzo beans as a rolling pin, cut cardboard from my cereal box to make a cookie cutter, and used sandwich bags for the icing. I was up until 2 am and my entire kitchen was covered with sugar, icing, and cookie dough, but they turned out adorable and sinfully delicious. I put them out at recreo this morning and the teachers LOVED them... they even asked me for the recipe, so I translated it into Spanish today!

The end product :)

I may have been the only person at my school who actually celebrated Valentine's Day. Unlike any American elementary school, there was no Valentine's card exchanging going down at Colegio Laura Garcia Noblejas y Brunet today. The 1st grade teacher quickly acknowledged the holiday and then we danced around the room to celebrate the start of Carnival in Spain. Apparently Valentine's Day in Spain is less of a Hallmark holiday and more of an actual "lovers" thing.

I ended the day with homemade Mexican food and Coronitas with two of my favorite ladies, Lauren and Christina. Yummm. By the way, I really miss REAL Mexican food... if only La Cocina Economica delivered to Spain!

my valentines!

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you're spending it with a special someone or just with friends.

Besos y abrazos!



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