Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dilemma of the Week:

Packing winter clothes for a 17 day trip (wait whatttt I'm gonna be gone that long?!) in this little carryon backpack. Yes, this is the same backpack I've been using for weekend trips. And yet I'm still worried that RyanAir is going to screw me and charge me 40 euros to check it.

Rei Urban Traveller... please don't fail me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. First world problems, I know.

Here's what I'm doing to pack light for the trip:
-Black peacoat, black boots. I have doubts that they'll be warm enough, but I'll live.
-Packing lots of solid basics and neutral tones. My goal is to be able to mix and match everything in my suitcase. Europeans tend to follow the rule that all neutrals go together. Yes, I've seen people pull off browns, blacks, and navy in the same outfit, and I'm gonna do it too.
-Lots of thin layers. I'm planning to layer tank tops, long sleeves, light sweaters, and leggings under my coat, jeans, and boots. Thin layers means I can pack more and have to options.
-Mixing it up with scarves. I'm bringing as many scarves as I can squeeze in to add variety, and I'm playing around with different ways of wearing them.
-Wearing as many layers as I can stand on that damn plane, and hopefully stuffing things in my pockets to save space. Did I mention the budget airlines only allow ONE item as a carryon... meaning my purse has to fit in that backpack, too.

I am also determined to not forget anything important on this trip. I always seem to forget something.... maybe because I always pack about 20 minutes before leaving my house?!?! So yeah, I'm a bit stressed about preparing for this trip and staying healthy with all of the other obligations I have this week, but I'm also getting very excited! I still need to catch up on recent trips and such... I'll try to get it done before I leave!

Does anyone have tips on packing light that I'm missing? Besides printing my boarding pass in advance and keeping my bag within the size/weight limitations, is there anything else I should be doing to avoid RyanAir fees? I'd love your feedback.

Un besito! xx


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